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Welcome to the world of Midnight Matinee. Also known under joe mac.

In the moo with Pretox & Another Crush & Tomacco & I Am Made of Fire at Bovine Sex Club.

London calling with Another Crush at Norma Jean's.

Music discovery at Tail of the Junction with Pretox. Second time discovering their live show (the first with Heather Valley at Painted Lady).

The Slyde and Operus and Profaner came together on stage at Junction City Music Hall for the Next Stop Wacken Show

ANOTHER CRUSH has been busy. The gallery  Another Crush at Corktown Pub contains the latest shots from Hamilton.

It's been a conceptual time, having the chance to catch The Slyde at Supermarket in Kensington Market with their interpretation of classic progressive rock and metal. 

On the flipside has been Another Crush from Hamilton with their alternative pop melodies with slice of life lyricism and will be presenting their second single on July 19. ANOTHER CRUSH at Mills Hardware in Hamilton with SKYE WALLACE.

The Meringues since the last time we captured them in the winter have put out their new single and video.

It was a very busy time at Canadian Music Week 2019 covering bands at the clubs. Click on button below for photos.

From 2018 my last interview.


It has been an honour and exciting to have my interview with Steaks Wear published on their page here.

Thanks Golden Circle Girls for getting the wheels rolling over to Iceland, and hail to the mighty Team Ragnarok.

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